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I love ginger bread and cookies.  Even those ginger chews are pretty delicious, although a bit expensive to eat like jelly beans.  But now I have another reason to love ginger.  Have you ever heard of using ginger to reduce swelling?  I was surprised to hear this too! 

As a high jumper in college, I found my take-off leg getting a lot of stress from the repeated pounding.  My knee started hurting and soon practices became painful.  I started icing my knee right after practice, which helped in the short term, but then a friend recommended I take ginger supplements.  I guess ginger has anti-inflammatory properties along with its good taste.  So I gave it a try and found the discomfort in my knee was alleviated more than it was before.  Who knew?   But don’t take my word for it; check out some of these articles yourself!

healthline.com - ginger-for-arthritis

arthritis.org - health-benefits-of-ginger

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