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Medium Knee Ice Wraps

Large Knee Ice Wraps

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  • Perfect for icing the front and sides of knee
  • Use for cold or heat therapy
  • Stays in place even while walking
  • Uses cold packs or ice bags
  • Best knee wrap for travel and outdoor events
  • Uses 6x10 cold pack

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Relief from Tears and Running Injuries: Did you injure your knee or suffer from recurring pain or swelling? The Ice Sleeve Large Knee Ice Wrap was specifically designed to reduce swelling and provide pain relief without sliding off or being difficult to put on. From marathons to knee replacements and sports-related injuries, it’s great for everyday use or targeted recoveries.

Full Front + Side Knee Coverage:
To treat the entire joint area, the ice pack fully surrounds the front and side of the knee. Complete coverage helps reduce swelling and avoids the problem of having to shift a traditional ice pack around just to get the treatment you need. No more drippy bags of ice and towels!

Meant for the Knee: Specifically designed to fit the knee for the best healing results, the contours of the Ice Sleeve mold perfectly to your body so it doesn’t slip off or make you feel uncomfortable. Goes on in seconds and stays secure once in place! Plus, it encourages circulation in the joint and provides relief from chronic pain. Active area of coverage is 6”x10” to fit perfectly on either knee.

Unrestricted Movement: Do what you normally do while you ice! Meant for active individuals, this versatile knee wrap’s low profile doesn’t restrict your movement or get in the way of everyday activities, so you can keep doing your work while getting the healing you need. Walk, drive or get things done around the house without worrying about it getting in the way. Put on and take off in mere seconds without struggling with restrictive and complicated mechanisms or saran wrap.

Hot or Cold: Freeze the gel pack or put it in the microwave for a hot pack. Use the hot pack to reduce muscle tension, boost blood-flow for a soothing effect or warm up before exercise. TSA doesn’t allow gel packs on planes, so you can swap the gel pack for the included ice bag and fill it with ice on-the-go! Your purchase includes 1 hot/cold pack and 2 bonus heavy duty reusable ice bags so you can keep icing wherever you are.

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