Lower Back Ice Wrap - Medium


Cold Pack, Size 6x10

Lower Back Ice Wrap - Small

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  • Treat lumbar spine issues
  • Use with heat or cold therapy
  • Pulls tight to provide extra support
  • Fits waists up to 30" around
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Treat lower back pain with this hot/cold wrap.  If you have sciatica or other lumbar spine issues, then this wrap may be perfect for you.  It pulls tight for extra support while providing hot or cold therapy directly on the lumbar region.

The double velcro closures allow you to pull it extra tight for great support even when not using ice or heat.  Works great with heat to loosen tight muscles before exercising.

The large back ice wrap will fit around waists that are up to 34" around.  

The lower back wrap comes with one Hot/Cold gel pack and three heavy duty reusable ice bags.  The gel pack can be heated in the microwave for heat therapy or put in the freezer for cold therapy.  

Extra cold packs and ice bags are available.

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