While employed as the strength and conditioning coach for the high school track and cross country teams, Sharlene Caldwell found herself addressing the variety of injuries that young runners experience.  It seemed like every practice and meet provided another opportunity to ice an injury.   Well, the routine of wrapping on a bag of ice using cellophane was getting old as well as wasteful, not to mention being uncomfortable for the athlete.  Always environmentally conscious, Sharlene just hated seeing a big ball of saran wrap thrown into the trash not more than 30 minutes after she just spent nearly 10 minutes applying it.  She thought "there must be a better way".

Always looking for a challenge, her husband saw this situation as an opportunity to develop a product in a market that would be both fun and beneficial.  Soon he was cutting pieces of old wet-suits into shapes and attaching Velcro to them.  He moved the sewing machine and ironing board into the garage and set up the prototyping lab.  After many weeks of testing different designs, they felt like they had produced a product worth marketing.   The important features that are inherent in this product are:

  • Eco-friendly - all the components, including plastic bags, are reusable to reduce trash
  • Field usable - since this product is for immediate use when necessary, it must be able to use ice.
  • Ease of use - the product has to be able to be put on in a few seconds.
  • Adjustable - athletes come in all sizes and shapes, so the product has to conform to each person individually
  • Compression - significant benefits are gained by compression, especially when coupled with icing.
  • Mobility - perhaps one of the most important aspects is to allow the athlete to be mobile while icing.  
  • Multi-use - a product that could provide heat as well as cold, since some issues respond better to heat.

IceSleeves are designed to meet all of these requirements.  Originally used to treat injuries, now they are used for faster recovery after regular workouts.    We believe in the value of fitness and want to help as many people as possible to be physically fit while minimizing training injuries.

Thank you for your interest in our products.  We are proud of them and look forward to receiving your feedback.  If you have any questions or would like to talk to us, please contact us.

Leenwell Industries is a family owned and run business dedicated to providing wellness products and services to active individuals.  

IceSleeve is a registered trademark of Leenwell Industries.