Large Elbow Ice Wrap

Medium Elbow Ice Wrap

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  • Perfect for treating elbow pains
  • Stays in place but allows complete movement
  • Works with hot or cold therapy
  • Comes with cold pack and ice bags
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Treat tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, arthritis and other pains in your elbow without restricting movement.  The unique design of the elbow Ice Sleeve conforms to the shape of your elbow, allowing full motion while icing elbow injuries. 

Medium size fits arms up to 15" and covers the entire back of the elbow.

You can also use this elbow wrap with heat to relieve chronic pains and increase circulation in the elbow.  Perfect for warming up prior to activity.  

The gel pack can be frozen for cold therapy or warmed in the microwave for heat therapy.  It also stays flexible when frozen.

The elbow ice wrap comes with one cold pack and three heavy duty reusable ice bags.  Ice bags are great for travel and outdoor events, plus they can be refilled immediately if you need to ice longer.

Extra cold packs and ice bags are available.

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