Treating your muscles quickly with cold compression can lead to faster recovery.

After a gruelling workout, the immediate use of a cold compress applied quickly to an over-stressed area can reduce swelling and discomfort. Sometimes, soft tissue damage may be traumatic, such as a pulled or torn hamstring. Othertimes, the damage may be more subtle, such as shin splints. For maximum advantages, the cold compress should be applied as soon after the activity as possible. Use an ice/water bath or a cold gel pack with an IceSleeve to provide a cold compress that still allows movement.

Why Use Real Ice

Ice has several advantages over gel packs that make it the best choice in certain circumstances. Ice is usually readily available at sporting events and other activities. Since it is already quite cold, it doesn't require advanced planning. Adding water to the ice significantly increases the heat transfer coefficient, making it cool the skin much more quickly. It is also both quick and easy to re-apply as necessary. Each IceSleeve comes with several reusable leak proof plastic bags for this very purpose. Additional bags can be purchased separately.

Why Use Gel Packs

Gel Packs have their own advantages as well. Since they don't melt, they stay cold longer. They are re-useable and easier to work with than putting ice and water into a bag. They also can be used warm for heat therapy. Keeping a couple of gel packs in the freezer is always a good idea.